Scholarship focused on organizations as sites of everyday healing
and compassion as a collective accomplishment in response to pain
The CompassionLab creates research, resources, insights, and inspiration related to compassion at work
Our Research

CompassionLab scholarship draws attention to suffering as an “inevitable, ubiquitous, yet often overlooked aspect of organizational life (Lilius et al., 2011). Because “pain and compassion are not separate from ‘being a professional’ and the ‘doing of work’ in organizations,” (Frost et al., 2000) our scholarship focuses on organizations as “sites of everyday healing and pain” (Frost et al., 2000).

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Research Community


We are part of a broader community of scholars interested in positive organizational scholarship who are dedicated to understanding how work organizations enable flourishing at the individual and collective levels.

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Our Members

We are a group of organizational scholars who strive to inspire a new vision of organizations as sites for the expression of compassion. To learn more about our work, please write to us: info[at]

We are committed to understanding a full range of processes and outcomes related to compassion in organizations. By employing both qualitative and quantitative methods, we study organizations with a dual dedication to fostering understanding and inspiring actions that foster compassion at work.


Ruth Blatt, Ph.D.
The Rock Band ProjectRuth Blatt

I write about rock n’ roll for and am researching a book about the people who run complex touring production. I was struck by the extent and effectiveness of compassion organizing in the concert industry and would like to explore it more deeply with a community of like-minded scholars.

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